Can I have a wooden floor on my staircase?

Can I have a wooden floor on my staircase?

Can I have a wooden floor on my staircase?

This entry was posted on April 4, 2023 by sam elliott

Yes, a wooden floor can look great on a staircase.  You will need the correct type and size of wood floor accessory called a ‘stair nosing’.  This covers the edge of each of your steps and joins the wooden flooring together.  You should be able to find a stair nosing that matches and complements your choice of wooden floor.


If you would like any advice about our different types of stair nosing profiles or which one is best for your particular project, please contact us or pop into our Leicester showroom.

How do I install a wooden floor on my staircase?

We would highly recommend that you use a professional and experienced wooden floor fitter to do the job. Here are some top tips explaining how it can be done:

• You must make sure that each step of your staircase is at a 90 degree angle. You may need to undertake some preparation work if your stairs are uneven.

• Always start at the bottom of the staircase and work up.

• Carefully and concisely measure and cut the wooden stair nosing and wooden flooring planks to the correct size.

• Always use a flexible flooring adhesive to bond the hardwood floor and stair nosing to your staircase. This is to ensure that the wood does not become loose and dangerous with daily wear and tear.

• Apply the flexible flooring adhesive, using a notched trowel, to both the raise and tread of each step.

• Begin to clad your staircase.

• Do not use the staircase until the adhesive is completely dry.


Although a wooden staircase can look stunning, you will need to be aware of the risks.  The biggest hazard is slipping on your staircase.  If you, or any of your family, are vulnerable to slips and trips then you may want to think about having a stair runner; a piece of carpet running up the middle of the stairs.  You can still see the beautiful wood at the edges, but have the protection of a carpet on the middle.