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Wooden floors with Honey Tones

A wooden floor with honey tones can enhance your room by adding warmth and depth.  The honey tones are just a twist on an Oak flooring.  You will still see the beauty of the Oak, but a colour stain gives you the caramel and honey shades throughout your floor.  It is a great alternative to traditional Oak flooring, and you will find that the colour will match most interiors.


Why should I choose a wooden floor with honey tones?

Having a wooden floor gives you a natural and elegant aspect to your room.  Traditional Oak floors are beautiful, but colour stained Oak is becoming a lot more popular.  There are so many choices, but here is why we love Oak with honey tones:

  • You are getting a natural floor product, with a colour to match your décor
  • Honey tones are warm and inviting
  • They will match almost any style and colour of décor
  • Engineered planks are easy to install and can be used with underfloor heating
  • You will find it really easy to look after and keep clean
  • If you care for your floor properly, it will last a lifetime
  • Honey shades can add indulgence and luxury to your room
  • A warmer coloured floor can feel cozy and homely
  • It is a great investment for your property

What will it look like?

A wooden floor with honey tones, will look like you would imagine; an Oak flooring with warm and caramel shades added to the surface.  Depending on your preference you have the choice of either plank style flooring or parquet block.  Both will look amazing, it really is just down to personal choice.


Here are a few guides to help you to decide:

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