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Wood Flooring Plank Widths

Hardwood flooring is available in a range of different plank widths.  This is purely for aesthetic purposes, so it is a good idea to think about which width of flooring is going to complement the size, shape and style of your room.


What are the different wood flooring plank widths?

Generally speaking, hardwood flooring can be found in three different width ranges: narrow, medium and wide.

Narrow plank widths can be anywhere from 70mm – 100mm.  The narrow planks are usually solid wood, or parquet block flooring.

Medium width flooring is anything between 125mm – 200mm.  These are generally the most popular width of flooring and there tends to be much more choice.

Wide plank flooring is classed as anything over 200mm wide.  You may struggle to find solid wood flooring in a wide plank.  Engineered hardwood flooring can be made much wider as it is more stable due to its base layers.

240mm Engineered Oak Flooring

Which plank width would be best for my room?

First of all, there are no set rules about which width of flooring will suit a particular room.  However, a small room can look and feel bigger and longer with narrow planks of flooring.  Narrow planks can also help to add a traditional and formal appearance. Alternatively, if you use a wider plank it can create a modern and stylish atmosphere.  Finally, wide planks look fantastic in larger spaces and areas.  Most of all, they allow the floor to fully be appreciated.

As with any choice of flooring, the width of plank is ultimately down to personal preference.  Most of all, we would recommend that you order your free samples of flooring. This allows you to see the flooring in the comfort of your own home, and in the room where it is going to be installed.  Finally, we would also recommend trying to come to our showroom because we have all of the floors on display for you to see.




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