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Wood floor cleaning products explained

There are lots of different cleaning products on offer to keep your wooden floor looking fresh and new.  As wood is a natural product, you need to be careful about how you clean it.  Some are perfect for your hardwood whereas some can cause damage.  Here, we have explained which wooden floor cleaning products to use, and which to avoid.


Brush or broom

Ideally you should be sweeping your wooden floor with soft bristle brush or broom every day.  This is just to remove any dust or dirt that has built up on the surface of your wooden floor.


Vacuum cleaner

You can remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner, but make sure that you use the correct attachment that is suitable for wooden floors.

Mop and bucket of water

You can use a simple mop and bucket of water.  If you are adding any cleaning products to the water, please make sure that they are suitable for wooden floors, and preferably PH neutral.  When using the mop, you need to ensure that it is fully wrung out so that the mop is damp, not wet.  Excess water left on your wooden floor can soak in and eventually cause damage to the planks of wood.


Steam mop

Never use a steam mop on a hardwood floor.  They are great for keeping tiles clean, but the steam can penetrate the wood and, over time, cause it to swell, distort or discolour.


Microfibre mop

Microfibre mops used with a wooden floor cleaning spray is the perfect way to clean your floor.  We would recommend using a Bona Spray Mop.  It has a microfibre, removable pad which can be machine washed, a built-in spray solution into the handle and an ergonomic design to reach into hard areas.  The built-in cleaning solution is gentle enough not to damage your floor, but still makes light work of stubborn stains.

Bona Wooden Floor Spray Mop Bona Wooden Floor Spray Mop


Never use bleach or any other abrasive or acidic products.  They can damage your floor immediately.


Wooden floor cleaning products quick guide:

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