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Will my Walnut floor change colour over time?

All hardwood floors will change colour over time as wood is a natural product and will be affected by the elements, especially sunlight.  Walnut flooring is a dark brown colour so over periods of time it will lighten slightly.  You may notice the most distinctive change in the first few months after your Walnut floor has been installed.

Advantages of pre-finished hardwood floors

Although it is inevitable that your flooring will have subtle colour changes, see the following tips and advice to prevent any unnecessary fading:

  1. Keep blinds and curtains closed when the sun is at its strongest
  2. Do not lay a rug in your room for the first few months after your floor has been installed
  3. If you do decide to have a rug, then you should move it around slightly each month to stop any visible marks where the floor has changed colour around the rug.

For further advice on using rugs on a wooden floor, please see: ‘Hardwood Flooring and Rugs’.


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