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Which flooring will match your décor?

If you have an existing décor or have a new one in mind, you may be wondering which flooring will match your décor. The beauty of hardwood flooring is that the neutral and natural colour tones will give you a timeless appearance and usually match most decors. The tones and colours of hardwood are usually determined by the wood species, but some floors do have a colour stain added to give them different shades, such as greys, caramels and dark browns.

Depending on your décor, we will definitely have something to either match or complement the style of your room.


Which flooring will match a light or bright coloured décor?

A light or bright coloured décor is probably the easiest to match.  You have plenty of options here.  Firstly, you could opt for a light or pale coloured Oak floor.  This would keep the light and bright theme going, then pops of colour can be added with soft furnishings. Alternatively, if your room has lots of natural light and is quite bright, you could definitely opt for a dark Walnut floor.  This will add sophistication and a perfect contrast to your décor.

Which flooring will match a dark and traditional décor?

If you have a traditional home with a dark interior and dark furniture, you will no doubt want a floor that will brighten up this darkness.  Have a look at a light coloured oak, and even possible a honey or caramel coloured floor.  The richness of the honey tones with tie in with your darker décor, but also lighten the room up.


Which flooring will match my minimalist décor?

If you have a minimalist interior décor and want a floor that will keep with this, then we would recommend using a light grey floor.  This will keep your room looking clean and fresh.  Grey floors are simple and understated but can look amazing in the right home.


What other options are there?

Bamboo flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring.  There are plenty of different colours and styles to choose from, so you are sure to find something to match your décor.

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