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What is unfinished flooring?

An unfinished hardwood floor is simply a raw material.  The wood has been made into the planks of flooring but it has not gone through the finishing process of having a stain or protective layer of oil or lacquer.  All hardwood flooring must be finished to prevent damage occurring from daily wear and tear, so your unfinished floor must have protective layers added once it has been installed.

Can my wooden floor be re-finished - applying oil Unfinished Oak being oiled

The beauty of unfinished hardwood flooring is that it provides a huge range of colour and style options, meaning that you can achieve a unique look by choosing different combinations of wood species, plank size, stain and a finish of either an oil or a lacquer.  One great advantage of unfinished flooring is that almost any look can be achieved so it is easily matched to the design of your interior.

To find out more about the advantages of unfinished flooring, see our article: Advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring.

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