What is hardwood beading?

What is hardwood beading?

This entry was posted on October 9, 2018 by Chris Elliott

Hardwood beading is a hardwood flooring accessory that is used to cover up the expansion gaps around the edge of the room. The beading itself is a strip of hardwood that is just wide enough to cover the gap. There are two different types of beading: scotia and quadrant.

The choice between either scotia beading or quadrant beading is entirely up to you. They both do the same job, it just depends on which you prefer the look of. Have a look at our Oak Scotia Beading and our Oak Quadrant Beading.   

Measuring your room for beading is quite straight forward. Simply measure each wall in your room and add them all together. You would buy lengths of the beading and then cut them to size. The easiest way to fit the beading is to glue it down. Alternatively, you can nail or pin them into place  

When would I use hardwood beading?

Whenever you install a hardwood floor, you must leave a gap around the edge of the room. This is called an expansion gap. It gives your hardwood floor room to expand and contract naturally with changes in the temperature and humidity. You would need to use beading when you already have existing skirting boards. The beading would fit against the skirting and cover the gap left during installation.

When you are fitting a wooden floor, you may also need some other hardwood flooring accessories. We have a whole range of Oak flooring accessories, including: pipe covers, door bars, stair nosing and door stops.

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