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What is a Wooden Floor Wear Layer?

A wear layer is part of an engineered wooden floor.  It is the top layer of the plank of flooring which is seen once installed. The wear layer is the only part of engineered flooring that is solid hardwood, in the chosen species.  This is usually Oak or Walnut.  Once an engineered wooden floor has been installed, the only part that you will see is the ‘wear layer’ of solid wood.  This means that it will look exactly the same as a solid wooden floor but is far more versatile.


How thick is a wooden floor wear layer?

The wear layer of a wooden floor varies slightly depending on which floor you choose.  They usually range from 2.5mm up to 6mm.  It must be thicker than 2mm, otherwise it is classed as veneered flooring.  It is also worth noting not to get engineered flooring mixed up with laminate flooring.  Engineered wooden flooring contains a ‘wear layer’ of hardwood, whereas laminate flooring contains no hardwood at all.

Planks of engineered wood flooring

What is engineered wooden flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a plank of flooring that has a top ‘wear layer’ of hardwood, and a base layer usually made from plywood.  This method of constructing the planks makes them more stable and resilient than planks of solid wood.  Engineered wood is a great choice as it is versatile, dimensionally stable and can be found at a fraction of the price of solid wood flooring. If you choose engineered hardwood, you can use it with underfloor heating and in rooms with large amounts of glazing.  It can also be floated over an underlay or fixed into position, depending on the circumstance of the room.

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