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What is a hardwood pipe cover?

A hardwood pipe cover is a hardwood flooring accessory that is used to cover over the expansion gaps left around pipes. The pipe cover itself is a small circle shaped piece of wood just big enough to cover the gap around radiator or heating pipes.

The pipe covers are made from solid wood.  They come in two separate halves. You can easily click and lock them together around the pipe.  They can just be left lose on top of your hardwood floor.  You do not need to glue or fix them, into place.  You can also easily remove them if you need to do so for cleaning.

Have a look at our Natural Oak Pipe Covers.

Oak Hardwood Pipe Cover

When would I use a hardwood pipe cover?

When you install a wooden floor in your home, it is vital that you leave an expansion gap around the edge of the room.  You must have a gap around the edge of the room, including doorways, fireplaces and around any pipes.  The gap is there to give your wooden flooring room to expand and contract with natural changes in temperature and humidity. As a result, you will need to cover the gap to make your flooring look complete.  The hardwood pipe covers will sit around pipes to cover the gap.  They are extremely easy to use and sit freely on top of your wooden floor.

If you are having a new hardwood floor, you may be interested in some of our other hardwood flooring accessories.  We have a wide range of Oak accessories that can help to cover up the expansion gaps.  These include: beading, door bars, stair nosing and door stops.


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