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What is a damp proof membrane?

A Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) prevents moisture from being transmitted to above surfaces. It can be used when laying wooden flooring onto concrete to act as a barrier between the concrete (or screed) and the hardwood flooring. If the concrete is not completely dry and wooden floor is laid on top of it, over time the hardwood will start to absorb the excess moisture from the concrete and could ruin your flooring by distorting the planks and discolouring the wood.

An ideal DPM to use is Sika Rapid DPM, which is a solvent free resin that can be easily applied using a roller. Once dry it creates a barrier between the concrete and your wooden floor to stop any moisture reaching the hardwood and causing damage.

sika_rapid_dpm_5ltr_small Sika Rapid DPM
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