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Top 5 Benefits of Parquet Block Flooring

Parquet block flooring is a type of wood flooring that is smaller than the usual planks of flooring.  The small, uniform size of blocks allows you to create beautiful geometric patterns and styles. There are endless benefits to parquet block flooring.To find out more about it, read: What is Parquet Block Flooring?

UV Oiled Brown Oak Parquet Block Flooring

Here are what we think are the top 5 benefits of parquet block flooring:


You can create beautiful patterns

Due to the shape and size of the parquet blocks, you can create beautiful geometric patterns.  The most popular are Herringbone, Brickbond and Basket Weave.  They will add a sophisticated and chic feel to any room or space.  The beauty of parquet block is that it easily complements both traditional and contemporary style properties.  All you have to do is find the right colour and style of parquet block. To find out more about the different patterns that you can create, have a look at: Parquet Flooring Style and Designs.

Luxury of real wood flooring

Parquet block flooring is made from either solid wood or engineered wood.  The beauty is that you have the luxury of a real wood product.  Even with engineered parquet blocks, the surface is real wood.  It is almost impossible to tell the different between solid parquet and engineered parquet once it has been installed.


Easy to look after

Once your parquet block flooring has been installed, you will want to make sure it is kept looking fresh and new.  The best thing to do is adopt a regular cleaning routine.  This should consist of sweeping on a daily basis and cleaning with a wooden floor spray mop when needed.  If you would like to find out more about cleaning your floor and keeping it scratch free, have a look at our Wood Floor Care and Maintenance Guide.


Choice of beautiful colours

There is a wide range of different colours and tones to choose from.  Parquet block flooring is becoming increasingly popular again, and this is evident by the amount of choice available.  Oak parquet block is by far the most popular, but there are different colours and tones of Oak, ranging from pale to dark Oak and even grey.  If you are looking for something slightly different, why not have a look at our range of bamboo parquet block flooring.

Lacquered Oak Parquet Block Flooring

Great financial investment

As with any wooden floor, you will be getting a sound financial investment when purchasing parquet block flooring.  If you look after your floor properly, it can last a lifetime.

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