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Top 10 benefits of hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is becoming an extremely popular choice for home owners and for commercial properties because of its elegant, timeless appeal.  Here are the top 10 benefits of hardwood flooring:

  1. Wide range of species

There is a huge choice of wood species to choose from when thinking about your hardwood flooring.  They all look different but also some are harder and more durable than others.  See our article on ‘What are the differences between wood flooring species?’


  1. Wide range of colours

Different species of wood offer differences in colour variation (from dark to light), but colour stains can also be added to offer particular shades, such as white or grey.

Advantages of pre-finished hardwood floors Walnut flooring
  1. Wide range of finishes
    Hardwood flooring is available in either a pre-finished or an unfinished format. A pre-finished floor already has its protective layers added so once it has been installed it is ready to use. An unfinished floor needs to have the protective layers added once it has been installed.  This allows you to add specific colours stains, oils or lacquers to achieve the desired and a unique finish. See our article on ‘Unfinished Vs pre-finished hardwood flooring’.


  1. Cost effective

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic investment for any property as it will last far longer than carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring.  Engineered wood flooring can be found at very reasonable prices and is generally cheaper than solid wood flooring.


  1. Easy to maintain

All types of hardwood floors are quick and easy to look after by sweeping on a regular basis and cleaning with a specific wooden floor mop and cleaning spray. See our articles ‘How to look after wooden flooring’ and ‘How to clean my wooden floor’

How often should I clean my hardwood floor - spot clean Bona hardwood floor cleaning equipment
  1. Easy to install

Although solid wood flooring needs to be fixed into place, engineered wood flooring can be floated over an underlay and used with underfloor heating.  Most types of engineered wood flooring are available with a click fitting system, making installation even easier.  See our ‘Installation Fitting Guide’ for further information.

What is Click System Flooring Engineered hardwood with click fitting system
  1. Aesthetically pleasing

Hardwood floors have a timeless appeal and add warmth, character and beauty to any property or space.


  1. Long life expectancy

If installed correctly and cared for and maintained, a good quality hardwood floor should last for decades.  The beauty is that after a few years if it has lost its shine and lustre, it can be sanded and refinished to restore its original attractiveness.



  1. Easy to match to your interior

As there are a huge range of flooring species, colours, styles and finishes, it is extremely easy to find a hardwood floor that will match and complement your interior.

Things to consider when buying hardwood flooring

  1. Hygienic

Hardwood flooring is far more hygienic than carpets as they doe not allow dust particles, unpleasant odours, mould or mildew to be trapped anywhere, and they are extremely easy to clean.

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