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  • New Engineered Oak Flooring: Hand Scraped

    Hand scraped engineered Oak flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for something with extra definition and texture.  The surface of the flooring has been scraped, by hand, before having protective coatings added.  The result is a rustic and textured plank of flooring with plenty of character and charm.

    Oak is the most common species of wood to be used for hardwood flooring.  When you choose engineered Oak you are getting a versatile and natural flooring.  Oak is hard wearing and durable and you can fit engineered Oak in almost any room in your home (except for wet areas). Once installed it is easy to clean and look after.  See our Wooden Floor Cleaning Guide for more information.


    Which new hand scraped Oak flooring are in this range?

    We have four new hand scraped Oak floors for you to choose from:


    Light Hand Scraped & Natural Oiled 

    This light Oak coloured floor has the natural grain pattern and visible knots running throughout.  The natural oil that has been used to protect the surface, keeping the beauty and charm of the Oak.

    Hand scraped oak flooring


    Dark Hand Scraped & Dark Oiled 

    Here, the Oak grain and knot patterns are fully visible, but a dark coloured oil has been added to the surface.  This dark oil gives the necessary protection to the floor, while darkening the overall colour slightly.


    Hand Scraped & White Oiled 

    Although this flooring has a white oil added, the overall colour is quite dark.  The white oil helps to protect the flooring, while added glimpses of white throughout the grain pattern.


    Hand Scraped & Grey Oiled 

    By adding a grey oil to this Oak, you get a unique looking floor.  The beauty of the Oak comes through but is combined with the modern trends of grey.  The oils does not completely change the colour of the flooring, rather it adds grey highlights and tones.



    If you would like to find out more about hand scraped wood flooring, have a look at the following:

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