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 Is solid Oak more durable than engineered Oak flooring?

The durability of solid and engineered Oak flooring is a topic we get asked about quite a lot. Both should be as durable as each other as they are both Oak floors.  The durability of a hardwood floor is based on the species of wood used.  Some species are much harder and more durable than others.  Oak is a fairly durable species of wood for flooring. So, if you choose Oak flooring the durability will be the same for solid and engineered formats of the floor.  This is because the same material (Oak) is being walked on.  The underneath of the flooring does not determine the durability.


What is the difference between solid Oak and engineered Oak flooring?

The difference between solid Oak and engineered Oak flooring is the way in which they have been made.  Solid Oak flooring is a plank of flooring that has been made from a single piece of Oak, and nothing else.  Engineered Oak flooring has a solid Oak top layer and multiple base layers of other types of wood.  These base layers on engineered flooring provide the planks with added dimensional stability, so although engineered wood flooring can be use in more versatile ways than solid wood flooring, the durability of both remains the same.

For more information about the differences, have a read through the following article: What is the difference between solid Oak and engineered Oak flooring?

Engineered Rustic Oak Flooring Engineered Rustic Oak Flooring

How long will solid and engineered Oak flooring last for?

This usually depends on how well the wooden flooring has been looked after.  A well cared for Oak flooring can last for decades.  Small marks, scratches and dents are inevitable with any wooden floor, and they can add character and depth to your floor.  If your floor gets to the stage where you think it needs reviving, then Oak can be sanded and refinished.  This will remove any surface marks and give your Oak flooring a fresh new look. For residential properties, we would expect an Oak floor to be sanded every twenty years or so.

The amount of times that solid Oak and engineered Oak floors can be sanded can vary. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded down to the top part of the tongue and groove system.  For example, on an average 18mm solid wood floor the tongue and groove would be around 3mm - 4mm down.  Sanding an engineered hardwood floor depends upon the thickness of the wear layer of Oak (usually between 2.5mm - 6mm).  So, if you have an engineered Oak flooring with a 6mm wear layer, it can be sanded more times than solid Oak flooring.  If you are thinking about sanding and refinishing your hardwood floor, always consult a professional floor fitter/sander.  It requires the correct equipment, suitable products and technical expertise.

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