Quick guide to tongue and groove hardwood flooring

Quick guide to tongue and groove hardwood flooring

This entry was posted on November 3, 2015 by Chris Elliott

What is tongue and groove flooring?

Tongue and groove (T&G) is a particular installation method that associated with wooden floors.  It is the traditional method that has been used for decades to install different types of solid and engineered hardwood flooring.


Planks of tongue and groove flooring have tongues and grooves that fit together perfectly creating a smooth, snug fit, resulting in gap free flooring.  Each plank has one long side and one short side with a protruding tongue and one long side and one short side with a rebated groove.

Tongue and Groove Vs Click System - Tongue and Groove


How do I install tongue and groove flooring?

T&G flooring can be installed in a number of different ways depending on which type of flooring your have.  If your T&G flooring is solid hardwood then it will need to be fixed into position by either gluing, nailing or screwing directly to the subfloor.  If your T&G flooring is engineered hardwood then you also have the option of floating it over an underlay by gluing along the length and width of the plank and pushing them together.


Do I need a professional floor fitter?

T&G hardwood flooring can be quite a challenge to install and it often requires the work of a professionally trained wooden floor fitter.  This will ensure that your floor is installed correctly and should obtain minimum wastage.