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Maintaining the beauty and shine of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are generally quite durable and hardwearing, however, daily wear and tear is inevitable and small scratches and scuffs will appear. There are two easy ways to maintain the beauty and elegance that comes with a newly installed hardwood floor: firstly, by preventing significant damage from occurring in the first place and secondly by following a regular cleaning routine.

Maintaining the beauty and shine of hardwood floors

Preventing damage to your hardwood floor

Prevention is the best way to protect your hardwood floor from unwanted and unnecessary damage. Here are a few simple preventative steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of scratches, dents and damage to your wooden floor.

1) Immediately wipe away any spills or water on your hardwood floor using an absorbent cloth.

Ambience 50. water spill

2) Apply furniture protection pads to the bottom of all furniture to avoid scratches and dents from day to day movements.

Ambience 50. felt protector pads

3) Always lift and carry furniture, heavy objects and toys across your hardwood floor, rather that dragging or sliding them.

4) Use doormats at all entry doors to reduce the amount of water and debris from outdoors reaching your hardwood floor.

Ambience 50. doormat

5) Ask family and visitors to remove outdoor footwear before walking on your hardwood floor.

Cleaning your hardwood floor

By following a regular cleaning routine, you will help to maintain the original beauty and luxurious appeal of your hardwood floor. Simply sweep your floor on a daily basis using a soft bristle brush, and clean on a weekly basis using a wooden floor cleaning spray mop. This should ensure that you floor keeps its character and charm for longer.

Ambience 50. cleaning a hardwood floor

Things and products to avoid

Always use products that are recommended for use on a wooden floor and avoid the following:

  • Never use a steam mop as the steam/water can damage the floor.
  • Never use excessive water to mop your floor.
  • Never use furniture polish or wax as they can leave a slippery residue.
  • Never use products that are acidic, abrasive or contain ammonia.

Hardwood Flooring Accessories are available on site.  For questions relating to any Ambience Hardwood Flooring products, telephone 0116 2741050 or email mail@ambiencehardwoodflooring.com. Thanks for reading.

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