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Light Coloured Engineered Wood Flooring

Light coloured engineered wood flooring is a very popular choice.  The engineered structure means that the flooring is more stable so that it can be used in much more versatile ways. Light coloured wooden floors can help to brighten up any style of room.


How is light coloured engineered wood flooring made?

Firstly, let’s touch on how engineered wood flooring is made.  Engineered hardwood always has a real solid wood top layer.  This is what you see once it has been installed, so it can often be confused with solid wood flooring.  The clever part is underneath the solid wood.  There are base layers, usually made from plywood. These give the planks of flooring more stability and allow the manufacturer to make longer and wider planks.

Secondly, how is a light-coloured wood flooring made? Some species of wood, like Oak or Maple, are naturally light in colour anyway, so they would just be used as the top layer for the engineered flooring planks.  If you are looking for flooring that is even lighter, with perhaps hints of white, then you will need to have a stained floor.  This just means that a colour stain is added to the surface of the plank of wood to give a different colour shade or tone – in this case white. You will still be able to see the original grain pattern of the wood, but the colour will have changed.

Finally, you can choose to buy an unfinished engineered wood floor and add your own white colour stainThis will give you far more control over the exact ‘light’ colour you can achieve.  Doing this is great if you want a specific colour tone that you can’t find on a pre-finished floor. Be aware that it does involve a lot of work though.

Pewter Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Why should I choose light coloured engineered wood flooring?

Here are some reasons why we think you should choose a light-coloured engineered wood floor:

  • It will help to brighten up a dull or dark space, or make a smaller room look bigger.
  • You can use engineered wood flooring with underfloor heating.
  • The floor will look clean, fresh and modern.
  • It is a perfect contrast to a dark or bold colour scheme.
  • Creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere, so ideal for office spaces and nurseries.
  • You have a choice of either plank flooring or parquet block.
  • It will last a lifetime if you care for it properly.
Ice White Engineered Oak Parquet Block
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