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How to protect your hardwood floor this Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching it is worth thinking about how to protect your hardwood floors from the weather, an increased amount of people and your Christmas tree!


Protect your wooden floor from winter weather
Winter weather can be harsh and impossible to avoid.  The main problems that you may be faced with are dirt, grit, debris and water being brought in from outside.  Hardwood floors can easily be scratched and damaged by grit and salt that is used to protect the streets and pavements from freezing weather.  There is also the issue of snow, slush and rainwater being brought onto your hardwood floor from outdoor footwear.  To minimise any damage to your hardwood floor, follow these simple steps:

  • Put doormats at all entrances to your house. These will help to catch any unwanted grit, dirt and debris from outdoors.
  • Remove outdoor footwear before walking on your wooden floor. Ideally these should be left in a porch or garage and not directly on your hardwood floor.
  • Sweep and clean your wooden floor regularly to remove any dirt or debris that has crept onto your floors.
  • If you have pets, clean and dry their paws as soon as they come inside.
Ambience 50. doormat Removing outdoor footwear

Protect your wooden floor from increased footfall
At Christmas time you may have an increase of visitors, friends and family to your home.  Protecting your wooden floor from increased footfall is easy; just ask any visitors or guests to remove their outdoor footwear before walking on your hardwood floor.  This will help to prevent any unwanted dirt, debris or water being brought into your home and will also stop scratches and dents from anyone that may be wearing stiletto heels.

Protect your wooden floor from your Christmas tree
If you are having a real Christmas tree this year then there are two main things to watch out for.  Firstly, it will need to be kept in a pot and watered regularly, so ensure that you put something underneath the pot minimise the amount of water that may leak or spill onto your wooden floor.  Secondly, real Christmas trees are inevitably going to lose some needles, so ensure you sweep around the tree on a regular/daily basis to reduce the chances of people walking on them and dragging them across the floor.  If you are having an artificial tree this year then be aware that most artificial Christmas trees have a metal or plastic stand that can scratch your hardwood flooring.  It is advisable to place a floor covering, such as a mat or rug, underneath your tree to prevent any unwanted damage to your flooring.

Christmas tree Use a protective mat under your Christmas tree
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