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How to keep my wooden floor clean

We often get asked about how to keep a wooden floor clean, the answer is simple.  Sweep and clean your floor on a regular basis.  Due to the hard surface of the wooden floor, it is easy to keep clean.  Any dust, dirt or pet hair is more visible than on a carpet, which makes it much easier to keep clean and far more hygienic.  By adopting a simple and regular cleaning routine, your wooden floor will be looking clean every day.


How often should I sweep my wooden floor?

This really depends on where your wooden floor is.  For example, if your wooden floor is in one of the busiest areas of your home (hallway, kitchen, living room), then you should really be sweeping every day.  This is to remove any dust, dirt, grit or pet hair.  Instantly your floor will look cleaner, but it will also help to protect it from damage.  If you allow a build of dirt on the surface of the floor, there is a danger that it could be walked on and cause dents or scratches to your floor.

If, however, your wooden floor is in a room that isn’t often used, you should sweep it after every time you use the area, and at least once a week to prevent a build-up of dust.


How often should I clean my wooden floor?

Again, this depends on how often you use the floor.  On average we would recommend cleaning at least once a week.  Obviously, in the winter or at times when the floor may get dirtier than usual, you can clean as often as needed.


What products would you recommend?

For sweeping your floor we would strongly recommend using a soft brush or broom. This will be gentle on your wooden floor whilst sweeping it effectively.

When cleaning your floor, you should use a wooden floor cleaning solution that is pH neutral.  This will brighten and freshen up the surface of your floor.  We would strongly recommend using a Bona Spray Mop. It is an all-in-one cleaning solution and mop, with a removable microfibre cleaning pad, ergonomic design and refillable spray handle.

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