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How do I protect my outside wood from the sun?

Sunshine and Ultra Violet (UV) rays can cause outdoor wood to become faded and grey.  If you have wooden window frames, doors, cladding or fencing then you will probably need to think about how to protect your wood from the sun.  A UV protection oil is the perfect choice.  Outdoor woodwork looks and feels so much better once it has been sufficiently protected.


Which UV protection oil should I use?

If you want to protect your wood from the sun, we would highly recommend Osmo UV Protection Oil.  It is a clear oil that maintains the wood’s natural colour and slows down the greying process (from UV) by up to 12 times.  It is perfect for any vertical surface or structure such as windows, fences and sheds.  It is not recommended to use on flat surfaces like decking.  Osmo UV Protection Oil does not only protect your wood from the sunlight, it is also very water and dirt resistant.  The oil allows the wood to breathe and reduces the amount of swelling or shrinking.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a product with an added colour stain, then we would recommend Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints.  There are colours including, Oak, Spruce and Cedar.

Osmo UV-Protection Oil Tint Shades

How do I use Osmo UV Protection Oil to protect my wood from the sun?

  • Always prepare your surfaces fully. They need to be clean, dry and smooth.  Any old paint or lacquer must be removed first.
  • Stir the tin of Osmo UV Protection Oil. The oil is ready to use, so there is no need to add or mix anything with it.
  • Use a flat brush or Osmo Small  Roller and Brush Set to apply a thin layer along the wood grain.
  • Allow to dry for approximately 12 hours (weather dependant).
  • Apply the second coat in the same way.
Osmo Small Roller and Brush Set

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and product information fully before use.


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