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Different Wood Flooring Species

Hardwood flooring can come in lots of different wood species.  The species of wood is determined by the tree that it is from, for example, Oak or Walnut.  Different species of wood have different characteristics, such as, grain pattern, colour, tone and hardness.

Choosing the correct species of wood for your flooring is essential.  You will want to think about the colour scheme of your room and how busy the room is likely to be.  Wood is a natural product so even within the same species, you are likely to get some variations of colour and gain pattern.  We would always recommend that you order free flooring samples from us.  This allows you to look at the colour of the flooring species in your own home.


What are the main wood flooring species?

The three most popular species for wood flooring are the following:


Oak is by far the most popular choice of flooring species.  In its natural state it has pale cream and golden tones with a unique grain pattern. It is a timeless and traditional choice of flooring and will suit any style and size of room.  Oak is a relatively hard and durable floor covering and can last for decades if looked after properly.  As Oak is so popular, there are many different variations, so be sure to have a look at our full range of Solid Oak, Engineered Oak, and Parquet Block OakYou can even find Oak flooring with colour stains added to slightly change the colour and tone of the floor.  Also, look out for different surface finishes, these can really make a difference to the appearance and feel of the floor.

Oiled Engineered Rustic Oak Flooring


Walnut is a beautiful, dark coloured species of wood. It has deep rich brown tones with a contrasting pale pattern running throughout.  As a result, you get a unique and very distinctive grain pattern. Walnut is one of the more delicate species of hardwood.  Consequently, it does take a bit more looking after.  It can dent and scratch fairly easily, so it is always best to remove outdoor footwear and sweep the floor on a regular basis.  Walnut is rarer than Oak, so as a result can be slightly more expensive.

Oiled Engineered Walnut Wood Flooring


Hickory flooring is again a darker species of wood.  It has distinctive caramel and golden tomes running throughout, which makes it easy to match up to most interior decors.  Hickory is a beautiful and luxurious floor, but what is especially relevant is its strength and durability.  It is one of the hardest species of wood for wooden floors, so perfect for any busy areas.

Saw Cut Solid Hickory Wood Flooring
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