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Dark Wood Flooring

Dark wood flooring can look charismatic and fascinating if added to the correct style of home.  It is the perfect accompaniment to a rustic cottage or more traditional house.  However, it can also add a statement to a more contemporary home.  If you have light furnishings and décor and are looking for something to add a contrast, then a dark would floor would do just that. 

There are endless choices of dark wood floors, depending upon how dark you want to go.  We would always recommend that you order samples of the flooring before you make a final decision.  Looking at the exact shades and tones in your own home can be very different from looking at a picture.

Solid Walnut Flooring

How is dark wood flooring made?

There are a number of ways that dark wood flooring can be made:

Firstly, some species of wood are naturally dark, like Walnut or Blacknut.  In this case, the hardwood is made into the planks of flooring and finished with an oil or lacquer as usual.  The dark colour of the flooring that you see is solely from the type of wood that has been used.

Another way to create dark wood flooring is to add a stain to a pale species of wood.  A popular species of wood, like Oak, is usually used.  The planks or blocks of flooring are made in the same way as usual, then before they are protected with oil or lacquer, a dark colour stain is added.  There are many variations of the term ‘dark’ and the choices are almost endless.

Finally, you could purchase an unfinished wooden floor and add your own colour stain.  This gives you the flexibility to create the exact dark shade that you require.  Furthermore, you have the advantage of being able to choose the type of protective finish you would like (either an oil or lacquer).  The finish can help to protect the floor while giving a gloss, sheen or matt effect.

Antique Solid Oak Wood Flooring


Why choose dark wood flooring?

Dark wood flooring is great if for:

  • Traditional style houses
  • Rustic cottages
  • Light or bright rooms that need a contrasting floor
  • People that want a statement floor
  • Large, airy spaces
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