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Can I put wood flooring on my staircase?

Wood flooring can be fitted to a staircase with relative ease.  A hardwood flooring moulding or accessory called ‘Stair Nosing’ is used to cover the edge of each step and join the flooring together. Stair nosings can be found to match or complement most types of hardwood flooring.

Wood stair nosing Solid oak stair nosing profile

To fit hardwood flooring to your staircase you should follow this advice:

  • A flexible adhesive must be used to bond the hardwood flooring and stair nosing to the staircase to ensure that the flooring and stair nosing does not become loose or unstable with daily use
  • Each step on your staircase must be level and at a 90 degree angle
  • Apply the flexible flooring adhesive with a notched trowel to both the raise and tread of the steps
  • Measure and then cut the hardwood stair nosing and hardwood flooring planks to size and begin to clad your staircase

Staircase shot

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