Can I Float Parquet Block Flooring?

Can I Float Parquet Block Flooring?

This entry was posted on January 6, 2021 by sam elliott

No, you cannot float parquet block flooring.  Due to the size of the blocks and the nature of the way in which they are installed, parquet flooring must be glued down. Floating a floor means that you lay it over an underlay and do not fix it to the subfloor.

Parquet block flooring must be fixed down to offer more strength and stability to the small blocks of flooring. If you would like to learn more about parquet block flooring, have a look at: What is parquet block flooring?  


How should I install parquet block flooring?

Parquet blocks must be fixed down to the subfloor with flexible flooring adhesive.  This is because of the small size of the blocks and the way in which they are installed at different angles.  The flexible flooring adhesive firmly fixes the blocks down while allowing the flooring to naturally move with changes in temperature and humidity in the room. This is the same fitting method for both engineered and solid wood parquet blocks. 


What patterns can be made with parquet block flooring?

The nature, size and shape of the blocks mean that you can be creative when installing your parquet wooden floor.  Geometric patterns can be created with the blocks.  The three most common patterns are:

• Herringbone

• Basket Weave

• Brick Bond

All three patterns give a stunning finished look.  Because of the technical skill involved in creating these patterns we would always recommend that you use a professional and experienced floor fitter. [caption id="attachment_1926" align="aligncenter" width="474"]

Which types of hardwood floor can be floated?

The only type of hardwood flooring that can be floated is engineered plank hardwood.  Even engineered parquet block needs to be fixed down.

For further information about floating a wooden floor, please read: Floating Floors Explained.  

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