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Basket Weave Hardwood Flooring

Basket weave isn’t actually a type of hardwood flooring, it is a pattern that you can achieve when installing parquet block flooring.  It is given such name because once the installation process is complete, it looks like the weave of a basket.


What does basket weave look like?

Here are some pictures of different styles and colours of Oak parquet block flooring laid into a basket weave pattern.


Oiled and Smoked Oak Flooring in basket weave Oiled and Smoked Oak Flooring


Natural Oak Flooring in basket weave Natural Oak Flooring

How do I create this effect?

There are a few different styles of basket weave but the most traditional is like the above images.  You simply follow the pictures above.  Firstly you will need to work out how many blocks you need to create each individual block pattern.  To do this, divide the length of the block by the width. For example, 280mm ÷ 70mm = 4.  This then tells you that you will need to lay 4 blocks next to each other before changing direction.  Firstly lay 4 blocks horizontally, then the next 4 vertically, and continue to create the first row of the pattern. When you get to your second row you should ensure that you are continuing with the pattern by laying vertically next to the existing horizontal blocks.

Which flooring do I need to create this pattern?

You can only create basket weave pattern with certain parquet blocks.  The blocks themselves need to be of a uniform shape and size. In order to create the desired look, you will need blocks where the width can be divided into the length. For example, blocks that are 360mm in length and 90mm wide.  This means that as you are laying the blocks you can fit four together against the length of another one.

Here are some of the parquet blocks that will create a basket weave pattern:


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