Advantages of unfinished hardwood floors

Advantages of unfinished hardwood floors

This entry was posted on November 25, 2014 by Chris Elliott

What is an unfinished hardwood floor?

An unfinished hardwood floor is exactly as its name suggests; it is an unfinished, raw material that will need to be protected before it is walked on. The wood has been made into planks of flooring but left ‘unfinished’, meaning that no stains or protective layers have been added.

Advantages of unfinished hardwood floors


An unfinished hardwood floor will be fitted in its ‘unfinished’ state, and then a selection of colour stains and finishes can be added once the installation process is complete. All hardwood floors need to be protected with layers of lacquer or oil to prevent damage from daily wear and tear, moisture and dirt, and to highlight the natural beauty of the species of wood.

Advantages of unfinished hardwood floors - oiling a floor

Why choose unfinished hardwood flooring?

Unfinished hardwood floors are an excellent choice when it comes to hardwood flooring as they provide a wider range of colour and style options. They can take time to install and finish but the results can be unique and outstanding. By choosing an unfinished hardwood floor it allows for a greater range of combinations of wood species, plank size, colours, stains and finishes. The options are endless.


The main advantages of choosing an unfinished floor are:

• Finishing a hardwood floor on site means that it is easier to match it to other floors or interiors.

• Although an unfinished floor can be more time consuming to install, it does provide excellent results with a unique appearance.

• A greater range of colour options are available as a combination of colour stains can be added to achieve a distinctive and unique look.

• A greater range of finishes are available, ranging from matt, satin-matt or a high gloss finish.

• Some exotic species of wood and unusual plank sizes may only be available in unfinished flooring.

• An unfinished floor is generally cheaper that a finished hardwood floor, although remember to take into account installation and finishing costs.


Advantages of unfinished hardwood floors - unfinished Rustic Oak Flooring


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