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Whether to choose a dark or light floor can be a very difficult decision, so we have tried to make it easier for you by arranging our solid wood floors into three categories: Dark, Medium and Light.  Pale coloured floors and darker floors have completely different characteristics  so thoughtful consideration should be taken to ensure that you make the right choice. Ultimately the choice is usually down to personal preference and what would look best in the room or space that you have.  It is worth thinking about the décor of the room, the size of the room and the amount of natural light in the room.


Which flooring colour should I choose?

It can be quite overwhelming when trying to decide which colour and type of hardwood flooring to choose, and unfortunately there is no easy way to decide; it is mainly down to your personal choice of what you think will suit the needs of the room.  To help you to decide think about the décor and furnishings in the room.  For example, what colour are the walls and furniture, would they suit a light or dark coloured floor?  Another aspect to think about is the size of the room.  If the space is quite small then you may want to choose a medium or light coloured floor as they can help a space to appear larger than it actually is.  Alternatively if you have a large space then any coloured hardwood floor can add character and charm.  Finally, have a think about how much natural light is let into the room through widows and glazing.  If your room is already quite dark then a darker wood floor will only add to this, however if your space is airy and bright then a darker coloured wood floor may contrast quite nicely. 


Do you sell matching flooring accessories?

We stock a range of hardwood flooring accessories in both light and dark wood, so you should be able to find something that will match your floor.  However, if you are looking for something a little different and would perhaps like a contrast, then we do also stock a range of aluminium flooring accessories and MDF flooring accessories.


Are there any alternatives available?

We have a wide range of flooring available so if engineered hardwood is not quite what you are looking for then perhaps solid wood flooring or laminate flooring may be of more interest to you.

The links below give a few different options of some of our colours of solid wood flooring:


Dark Coloured Solid Hardwood Flooring | Medium Coloured Solid Hardwood Flooring | Light Coloured Solid Hardwood Flooring


Further help and advice

If you would like some further help and advice about any of our floors or flooring accessories, then either pop into our showroom or contact us to speak to one of our technically trained team members.  If you are still unsure about which floor to choose then perhaps you may want to order some free samples so that you can have a more detailed look at home.


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